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About Us

CompuExpert, a division of Digital Interactive Systems Corp. was established in 1990 and maintains a long standing goal to provide unparalleled distribution services to its clients'. We are specialized in providing complete customer based solution attached with excellent service support. With over 20 years of electronics distribution experience, CompuExpert is the  premium, North American distributor for high quality products developed by manufacturers such as Mionix, Sharkoon, Awind, Go Biz, Omnio, Cideko, GAEMS, Digital King, TeknMotion and more.


Our team of experts help customers adapt to industry trends, by channeling innovative products from the global marketplace to our customer's door.  By following the evolution of marketplace progression, we have led our customers to the most trendy, cutting edge, high quality products available.


CompuExpert has created awareness for unique products by understanding the climate in the marketplace and utilizing prominent social media outlets, marketing, and public relations. Fewer, cutting edge, high quality products puts us a step above others as it allows us to maintain focus on marketing our clients' products.  This offers our suppliers an individualized marketing plan, in lieu of being among 1000's of other products offered among competitors.


Hub for Innovative, Unique, Trendy Products


Compuexpert is committed to endowing our customers the best gadgets and peripherals to suit their objectives, needs and budgets. Choose from industry leading, gaming accessories, smart phone accessories as well as HTPC products.


Merchandising Expertise


With over 20 successful years in business, CompuExpert helps sell product  through our sophisticated distribution network of partners, that includes industry leaders in distribution, retail and online marketing. We are as passionate about our clients' results as they are and we leverage all available synergies between the internet, personal marketing plans and business development to our customers' advantage. Each chosen product will be given innovative web presence, online marketing services unrivaled product representation and cost-effective global sourcing solutions. 


Exclusive Products


Our exclusive products are technologically advanced, ground breaking, high quality, with unique features that are backed by sound technology.  Each product is hand chosen with a high set of criteria by our team of experts. We strive to market only the best and most unique products and select our products based on marketplace trends and demands.

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