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Airbus Collection Expansion for Flight Simulator X/2004
Airbus Collection Expansion for Flight Simulator X/2004
Airbus Collection Expansion for Flight Simulator X/2004
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Airbus Collection Expansion for Flight Simulator X

A fantastic collection of Airbus aircraft that forms part of Just Flight's F-Lite range of beautifully modelled airliners, aimed at the virtual pilot who wants to get airborne as quickly as possible.

High in quality but easy to operate, the Airbus Collection includes the incredible A300-600ST Beluga, the A300-600R and the A310. The software features detailed exterior models, 2D and virtual cockpits and unique effects.

There are plenty of liveries and virtual pilots can even use the paint kit to paint their own liveries using a suitable graphics program.

The F-Lite range has been designed to provide aircraft that are not only extremely high in detail and visually impressive but also less demanding to fly than complex procedural simulators.

The wide-body Airbus A300-600R, the A310-200/300 and the massively outsize A300-600ST Beluga, with its impressive upward-opening cargo nose door, are stalwarts of Airbus Industries aircraft.

The A300 and the A310 meet the demanding requirements of many airlines for carrying large numbers of passengers over medium- to long-range routes.

The distinctive Beluga is employed within Airbus Industries itself to carry other Airbus aircraft sub-assemblies around the various manufacturing plants in Europe.

All are built in Europe by Airbus Industries using a mixture of traditional and modern high-tech materials and employ the latest in technology to ensure safety, performance and efficiency over the routes they fly.

General Features
30 aircraft to fly
Highly detailed exterior model
Interactive 3D Virtual cockpit (VC)
2D panel with custom gauges
Accurate liveries
Many animations
Pushback truck
Wing flex
Dynamic wing views
Dynamic shine
High-quality sound set

A300-600R Features
Highly detailed exterior model with a pushback truck
Detailed Virtual Cockpit
2D panel with custom gauges
Realistic flight dynamics
The exterior model includes dynamic shine, dynamic wing flex, opening doors and much more

A310-300 Features
Passenger model with both PW and GE engines
Cargo model with both PW and GE engines
A special model used by Royal Canadian Air force
MRTT (tanker) used by the Luftwaffe, with animated refuelling pods
EADS model with animated demonstration fuel boom
Different flight dynamics for different models (cargo, passenger, tanker)
Wing flex
Drooping flight control surfaces when hydraulics are not operating
Highly detailed liveries
Realistic flight dynamics
Highly detailed model
Dynamic shine
Dynamic wingviews
3D pushback truck
3D stairs
Animated refuelling pods on MRTT model
Animated fuel boom on EADS tanker demo model

Beluga Features
Highly detailed exterior model with a pushback truck
Opening nose cargo door
Virtual cockpit
Realistic A300B4-608ST-specific flight dynamics, as well as night lighting
2D panel with custom gauges

Instrument Panels
Full virtual cockpit with mouse clickable operations
Realistic Airbus-Looking PFD, ND, and EICAM displays, covering systems such as fuel capacities, doors, and flight controls
Main instrument panel with custom Airbus gauges and easy-to-use Airbus-style MCDU/Autopilot
Overhead panel with functional lighting, engine, anti-ice and pitot heat controls
Throttle panel with functioning throttle, speedbrake, engine fuel cut-off, flap handle and parking brake controls
All 2D panel functions are available in the 3D virtual cockpit mode

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